Bombshell Tiffany

Secretary/ Member Relations

Bombshell of the Year 2019


About Bombshell Tiffany


Bombshell Tiffany is from Meraux, Louisiana and now lives in Metairie where she is a local bar manager, bartender, and a mom! She is a brand new Bombshell and she has a slightly weird obsession with skulls!


Q&A with Bombshell Tiffany

  • What is, or should be, your Bombshell nickname? Pixie

  • What is your favorite food joint (restaurant) in NOLA? Any Mexican restaurant!

  • Are you a morning or night person? Being a bartender requires me to be a night owl but being a mom requires the morning sun! I can equally balance both.

  • What is on your bucket list? Travel, travel, and more travel

  • What is your favorite charity to be involved with? The SPCA, animals lift up the soul!