Bombshell Kat

Media Manager

Elite Bombshell of the Year 19-20


About Bombshell Kat


Bombshell Kat is in her third year as a Bombshell! She is a Middle School Science Teacher who originally hails from Rock Island, IL. She currently resides in New Orleans, LA, and, back in her college days, took a master class from actress and comedian, Lily Tomlin!


Q&A with Bombshell Kat

  • What is your favorite food joint/restaurant in NOLA? Red Dog Diner on Magazine St.!

  • What is your go-to dance move? Pirouette

  • What is your go-to karaoke song? Anything from the movie Moulin Rouge

  • What is on your bucket list? Seeing the northern lights in Iceland

  • What is your favorite charity to be involved with? Women and Children’s Shelter